Expert Suspension Repair in Frederick, MD


Steering & Suspension Repair Services

Rose Hill Service Center proudly offers quality Steering & Suspension Repair in our NAPA Auto Care Center Repair Shop in Frederick.The steering and suspension system on your vehicle is responsible for maintaining driving performance and comfortable riding conditions. The suspension system connects the wheels to your vehicle’s frame or body, and works with the steering system to maintain vehicle stability and control.

Frederick's Trusted Suspension System Repair

The steering system transmits your input from the steering wheel to the steering components to control direction. Forward energy created by bumps in the road into vertical energy that travels up into the vehicle frame is converted by the suspension system .

Suspension system components, like coil springs and shock absorbers, help to dampen the impact of this road force. All suspension system components will weaken over time through stress applied during normal driving conditions, and will need maintenance and eventually repair. Worn suspension components will reduce the stability of the vehicle and the control of the driver. Rose Hill Service Center has the necessary equipment to identify and correct any issue regarding the  steering and suspension system of your vehicle. Your can trust our expert technicians to fully inspect the steering and suspension components in order to determine whether your service will entail a minor adjustment or a replacement.

Key Parts & Services of Steering & Suspension Repair in Frederick Include:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Rotating & Balancing Tires
  • Power Steering Maintenance
  • Shocks
  • Struts
  • Tie Rods
  • Ball Joints
  • CV Joints & CV Axles

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension play an important role in the safety of your vehicle.  Let the honest and reliable ASE certified technicians at Rose Hill Service Center ensure that the steering and suspension system of your vehicle is functioning property. Give us a call at 301-663-8828 today!