Quality Radiator Repair in Frederick MD


Radiator Repair You Can Trust

You can count on the honest mechanics at Rose Hill Service Center for the best Radiator Flush & Radiator Repair in Frederick. Preventative maintenance on your car’s engine cooling system is important. You can avoid expensive radiator repairs by bringing your vehicle to Rose Hill Service Center for a radiator flush or any radiator repair in Frederick, MD. Coolant eventually becomes gritty and dirty, which can damage your radiator if not flushed out and replaced.

Radiator Flush Maintenance & Repair

Let us flush your radiator and add new coolant (anti-freeze) after we inspect your car’s cooling system. Is your car overheating? It could be as simple as a defective radiator thermostat, which we can quickly replace.

Rose Hill Service Center has the equipment and the expertise to perform all kinds of radiator repairs and radiator flush services. We carefully inspect your vehicle’s cooling system – from the radiator, fan and water pump to the hoses, connections and fluid levels. Any leak, any hole, any problem – we’ll find it and we’ll fix it at our shop.

Radiator Repair Warning Signs:

  • Engine belts and hoses show signs of wear and tear, such as cracking.
  • Dashboard temperature gauge indicates that the vehicle is running hot.
  • Engine smells “hot”.
  • Dark, non-transparent fluid is leaking from the engine area.
  • Steam is coming from under the hood.
  • Ratio of anti-freeze to water is too low (know the manufacturer’s recommended level).

Radiator Repair Check List!

Our radiator specialists at Rose Hill Service Center provide a complete radiator flush and repair service that includes the following:

  • Radiator is tested for pressure and leaks
  • Flush chemicals added to the radiator
  • Flush machine used to power flush the entire radiator system refilled with correct amount of anti-freeze
  • Lubricant added to the radiator system as required
  • Engine components (including radiator cap & hoses) are inspected

Our ASE-certified technicians will perform a professional multi-point inspection of your engine and can provide you with a complete analysis, together with an estimated cost for a radiator repair or radiator replacement. Come to Rose Hill Service Center for quality radiator flush and radiator repair in Frederick.